Sophie Shepherd

March 23, 2014

A New Site & Silver Linings

Something I think I’m good at is finding the best in any situation. If not the best, then I’m good at thinking up all the things that could be way worse. For example: My car has broken down. But I have a cell phone and I didn’t get in an accident. I have a AAA membership and I’m not broken down in a war zone dodging bullets. Light stuff like that.

I suffer from an occasional autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. It crops up without warning or reason, usually hangs out for a couple of weeks, and then slips out as quietly as it arrived. During its stay, it inflames the joints in my lower spine so everyday things like walking or rolling over cause great pain. Some times it’s worse than others.

It’s not life threatening and unlike many chronic conditions, I have the comfort of knowing that it will make its exit and give me some months of respite before returning. I’m lucky that if I’m not moving I have no pain, so it forces me to slow down.

While I consider myself skilled in the art of loafing around, my arthritic back allows me to do it without loafing’s best friend: guilt. Gone are the “should-be-doings” because they are all things I couldn’t do anyway. I’m able to focus on one thing (as long as it’s something I can do while sitting) without the usual distractions of chores and obligations.

Today, from 9AM this morning until right now, I sat on the couch, watched March Madness, and built this site. I learned Jekyll and knocked out one of my big to-dos: redesign my site and set up a simple blog so I can start writing. Despite my achiness, it’s been a good day. I have the internet and a really comfortable couch.


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